Holcim Cement HE Type

Cement Holcim Premium HE Type

Holcim Premium Cement HE Type, manufactured to obtain high initial resistance, is ideal for buildings and industrial systems, since its outstanding performance meets and exceeds the standards of the NTE INEN 2380 norm.

Description and characteristics

Holcim Premium HE Type is a hydraulic cement of high resistance manufactured under the Ecuadorian Technical Norm NTE INEN 2380, which is equivalent to the ASTM C 1157 Norm. This directive allows to manufacture cements with additives based on their performance, which minimize the environmental impact and give as result a very efficient use of raw materials. Holcim Premium Type HE Cement is composed of portland cement clinker, gypsum and additions of natural pozzolans.
Holcim Premium HE Type is a fast stripping cement that produces high early strengths, similar to the resistances of portland cement Type 111 of ASTM C 150 Norm. It is called HE (High early-strength), which makes it ideal to manufacture concrete with better mechanical behavior, for building hydroelectric power plants, pavements and infrastructure works in general. Also, when greater resistance is required at early ages, as in prefabricated plants, etc.
Holcim Premium Cement HE Type provides more resistant mixtures at all ages than conventional cements for general use.


High initial and final resistance.

  • Resistances higher than those specified in the NTE INEN 2380 Norm
  • Improved workability of the mixtures.
  • Reduces segregation and exudation.
  • Reduces the heat of hydration and therefore the tendency to crack in large structures.
  • Good setting and resistance performance for the construction of works in general.
  • Moderate chemical resistance to sea water, diffusion of chlorides and attack of sulphates, which increases durability.
  • Significant savings in cement-consumption per cubic meter of concrete.
  • Rapid use of structures and concrete roads.
Holcim Premium


The development of strength of hydraulic cement concrete is due to several factors, such as the physical and chemical characteristics of the cement, the water-cement ratio, cement-aggregate ratio, granulometry, surface texture, shape, strength and rigidity of the concrete, aggregate particles, as well as the use of additives, curing conditions and the environment.
The reason for the rapid gain in strength should not be confused with the reason for the speed of setting; in fact, cements of general use such as GU Type and high early strength cements such as HE Type can have very similar setting times, although their early strengths are different. In the case of HE Type cement, the resistance will be higher.
Due to its proper formulation, Holcim Premium Cement HE Type allows the production of concretes in works that demand high initial resistance to compression.

Holcim Premium

Recommended uses

Holcim Premium Cement HE Type complies with the provisions of NTE INEN 2380 Norm as Type HE cements with high initial strength. Because of this, it can be used in any type of engineering works, especially when they are required to be put into service quickly. It is also applied in the construction of massive structures, port works, pavements, bridges, prefabricated elements, buildings of all kinds, etc.

Some of the main works in Ecuador where Holcim Premium Cement HE Type has been used are:

  • Hydroelectrical project Coca Codo Sinclair
  • Hydroelectrical project Toachi Pilaton
  • San Eduardo Tunnels in Guayaquil
  • Airports in Santa Rosa, Tena and Latacunga
Holcim Premium

General Recommendations

  • Store cement in adequate conditions.
  • Perform the mixing design of the concrete or mortar that corresponds.
  • During the preparation of the mixture, check the amount of water; use the least possible amount that is compatible with workability.
  • Mix the materials enough to obtain a uniform mass.
  • Make a good process of placing the mixture to avoid segregation and ensure that the mix perfectly fills all the corners of the formwork and covers well the reinforcements.
Holcim Premium


Type H high early strength cements, whose performance requirements are contemplated in the NTE INEN 2380 Norm, are suitable for all types of structures, especially where they are required to be put into service quickly. They are also applied in the construction of massive structures, port works, pavements, bridges, etc.

Holcim Premium cement HE Type is a high-quality product that far exceeds the requirements established in the NTE INEN 2380 Norm, providing security and confidence to the construction sector in the development of its projects.

Holcim Premium
Chemical requirements

The chemical composition for the cement is not specified; however, the cement must be analyzed for informational purposes.

Physical requirements
Holcim Premium
Holcim Premium


Bagged cement should be stored in ventilated and moisture-free environments to prevent hydration and settling. It is recommended to stack it in piles of maximum 10 sacks and place them on pallets so that the air circulates through the lower part; for this reason, it is recommended not to bring the bags to the walls.

When the bagged cement is stored correctly it can be stored for up to 60 days. It is important to check the date of packaging that appears printed on each package to ensure that the cement that is received is of recent manufacture.

To store cement in bulk, you must have silos of at least 30 tons, considering that this is the average capacity transported by bulk trucks.

Holcim Premium

Applications of the product

Holcim’s Expert recommends

  • Store cement in adequate conditions.
  • In concrete, use water, sand and stone free of impurities.
  • Make the design of the concrete or mortar that corresponds.
  • During the preparation of the mixture, check the amount of water.

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